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After playing Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D last year, I felt that the Nintendo 3DS may not be the best platform for the famous survival-horror series. Once I got to play one of the early levels of Resident Evil: Revelations, I was proven wrong. This game was made with all of the strengths and weakness of the system in mind and has quickly became my current favorite game on the handheld.  Even if you haven’t just scrolled ahead after the break and checked out our score on the game, you probably still know that it’s worth your cash, and I plan on telling you exactly why.  Continue reading for the review! -Greg Boe (admin)


You start your adventure as Jill Valentine, accompanied by her new partner, Parker Luciani.  The two are boarding a strange abandoned cruise liner called the Queen Zenobia in search of  Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat.  The two missing agents of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) lost communication somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean.  Chris and Jill go way back (some argue that the two have a thing for each other) so Mrs. Valentine wastes no time whatsoever making her way to the target point alongside Parker.  Once you board the ship, you find it to show no signs of life, but there’s still a sinking feeling that you’re not alone..

It’s kinda hard for me to believe that Jill can still look this good while in the line of work she’s in, but it’s not like I’m complaining or anything.  Anyways, after searching the ship a bit (and finding some dead members of the ship’s crew), you are attacked from behind by a new water-based monster that just so happens to be scary as hell when playing under the covers at night.  After shooting the heck out of the infected beast, you regain your composure and continue searching the ship in hopes of finding Chris and Jessica.  After searching the hall, you discover something.  Chris is tied up to a chair in a locked room.  Many thoughts race through your head.  After I find the key and unlock this door, will I like what I see?  Is this all a trap?  Has Veltro really come back from the dead, even after the destruction of Terragrigia?

It turns out that the Chris that Jill saw through the door was really just a decoy, and Chris and Jessica were actually on a snowy mountain range somewhere in Europe the entire time.  Yeah, it’s too bad both teams lost communication with HQ due to bad connections.  Former FDA agent Jessica Sherawat is good with a sniper rifle, but comes across to us mainly as a flirt, and a bother to Chris.  While most of Jessica’s outfits are quite fashionable, there are some that are just plain weird.  Jessica’s witty remarks are almost as ridiculous as her wet suit that happens to be missing it’s entire right leg (again, not complaining).

In regards to the rest of the story in Resident Evil: Revelations, you’ll just have to pick up a copy of the game and find for yourself.  There are many “Revelations” to be revealed that no Resident Evil fan will want to miss out on.  Oh, and if you’re still wondering why the writers would choose to kill off a woman as attractive as Rachel so early in the game, you obviously haven’t played many Resident Evil titles before.  Overall, the game’s story has you on the edge of your seat all the way until the credits roll, and Revelations has the best story mode we’ve seen in a Nintendo 3DS game so far.


While most horror games focus mainly on ways to scare players, Resident Evil: Revelations goes the extra mile and then some with great gameplay and controls.  The game plays like a Resident Evil game should, most notably when playing with the Circle Pad Pro (sold separately), which offers a second analog slider for enhanced camera controls and aiming.  There are plenty of weapons to find and collect, and are easy to power-up with the game’s simple, yet effective weapon upgrade system.  Every gamer has his/her preferred control types, so it’s good to know that Capcom had us picky gamers in mind during the game’s lengthy development.  On the options menu, you have tons of options to go through to customize your controls to your liking.

The difficulty level in Resident Evil: Revelations can be set to your experience, and you can choose from “Casual Mode” and “Normal Mode” in your first play-through.  Each difficulty level   I would personally suggest that series veterans play the game first on “Normal Mode”, but newcomers to the series may be better off on “Casual Mode” to prevent their certain death.  After playing through the Campaign Mode on normal difficulty, you’ll unlock “Hell Mode”, which I only recommend to hardcore gamers looking for one intense challenge.  In my first play-through of the game, I chose “Normal Mode” and it took me 12 hours to complete.  While I was never brought to the point of insanity, it was one helluva challenge, and even I was terrified at some points.  Yes, this is officially the first 3DS game to make me curse and slam my system shut in fear (feel free to poke fun at me in the comments).


If you’re looking for the best graphics and the most realistic character models in a Nintendo 3DS game, look no further then Resident Evil: Revelations.  The textures are great, the frame rate is solid, and the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful (anyone know where to get a copy of the soundtrack?).  One slight issue is when entering an elevator, the frame rate drops significantly, but picks right back up before becoming a major bother.  Another issue I ran into was the loading times when opening some doors to new areas.  You could literally make a sandwich in the time it takes to open, or better yet, get your woman to to go in the kitchen and make you one (Come on, it’s just a suggestion).

Resident Evil: Revelations also has some of the best cut scenes we’ve seen in a Nintendo 3DS game.  Unlike many previous games on the new handheld, none of the cut scenes are compressed or low quality; Each of the game’s many CG scenes are as clear as day and look beautiful whether you’re watching it in 2D or glasses-free 3D.  The story is told with chapters, and at the start of each chapter, you’ll get a quick recap of the previous chapter’s events sort of like in a Television show.  The amount of work and detail that went into this game is absolutely stunning, and as a bonus, Capcom gave players a pretty good view while playing as Jill.

Raid Mode

Every great game should have an equally great multiplayer mode, and I’m glad this is the case with Revelations.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say that if the game’s “Raid Mode” was sold separately as a retail title, it would sell significantly more copies than last year’s Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D.  In “Raid Mode” you fight off hordes of the infected by yourself, or accompanied by a friend via online play or local wireless.  With a better online co-op and tons of levels, characters, and items to choose from, Mercenaries 3D just doesn’t stand a chance.  So if you’re still wondering which game to choose, Revelations is the greater of the two evils.


While many of the Nintendo 3DS’ best-sellers will be appropriate for all audiences, daring titles like Resident Evil: Revelations will be the games that you’ll find yourself keeping in your system long after you’ve purchased them.  If you are looking for a simple, pick up and play title, you’ll be better off with Mario Kart 7, but for those brave enough to venture into the depths of the Queen Zenobia are in for a real treat.  I had a thrilling time spent with Resident Evil: Revelations and even on my third time through the game I find myself getting chills.  Not only does this game fulfill it’s hopes of putting the horror back in the survival horror series, but   it’s sure to inspire many great games to come from the Resident Evil series.

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  • / Robbe Sterckx

    I totally agree with a score of 9.5.
    Its an AWSOME game and I realy enjoyed playing it.
    It’s perfect for the 3ds (of course because it designed for this handheld)


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