We Weren’t Supposed to Know These Things About the Wii U

Yesterday, we posted about the amazing visual features that are to be arriving with the Nintendo Wii U. However, the makers of the game Darksiders II, and probably other Wii U gamer creators, have been ordered not to release the capability of the Wii U just yet. This most likely means that the Wii U does, in fact, have these amazing capabilities that have been leaked. However, there seems to be a bit of a tradeoff. It has also been stated that the Wii U will only have a frame rate of 30fps, rather than the expected 60fps. This jargon may sound like an adult in a Charlie Brown cartoon, so here’s something to help you understand just what the difference is. Even if you don’t care, it’s fun to play with! Just click here! Regardless of just how advanced the visuals for this system are, the Wii U will surely be a system to note as every little detail is released! What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source(s): My Nintendo News + My Nintendo News

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