Rumor: Wii U to Feature Star Fox-Metroid Cross Over?

Space: The Final Frontier. Space interests many of us, and is the setting for many a-game, as it is infinite and we have no way of knowing what is out there. Many of us are familiar with the sci-fi series of Star Fox and Metroid. These have both been successful in their own right, and both have brought fans from all walks of life. Recent rumors have been uttering of a game including both Star Fox and Metroid. Our furry hero and our futuristic hottie in a space battle suit will finally meet along the huge expanse of Space and Time. If the rumors turn out to have truth behind them, will these heroes be fighting side by side, or against one another in a furry-human war? Will all this be revealed at E3? What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

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