Ubisoft’s Plans for the Nintendo Wii U

Every gaming company must remember that there are two kinds of people: Hardcore gamers and casual gamers. Many companies forget about the businessmen that simply want to plug in their Wii and relax after a long days work, or the traveler that wants to kill some time before his next flight with some Sudoku on his 3DS. Ubisoft is not going to make this mistake with the Wii U, they announced. The two hardcore games, which you’ve probably definitely heard of, are Assassin’s Creed 3 and Rayman Legends, which you will surely hear more about (Stay tuned!). Ubisoft also plans to release 5 casual games, such as Avengers for Wii U. This should surely keep all walks of gamers content. What do you think? -Ryan Baxter

Source: My Nintendo News

  • Eric J.

    Rayman Legends is a hardcore game?

  • http://nintendocharged.com/ Dallas B.

    Yup! Rayman Legends is actually a sequel to Rayman Origins which got at least a 9.0 from most respected game sites just for the fact that it returned the Rayman series to it’s hardcore side-scrolling days of glory. Legends incorporates the same play style, with new levels, story, and characters. If I were to compare Legends to other games, I’d probably say it’s like Donkey Kong Country meets any classic Mario side-scroller.

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