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Zombies…  They’ve been eating human brains since the dawn of time… But now they’ve taken over most of the major cities in the world and it’s up to you (Diox) to slay them all with your samurai sword and killer guitar solos!  Zombie Slayer Diox was released last week on the Nintendo eShop by UFO Interactive, and of course I had to review this one because it had to do with zombies and tons of blood.  If this sounds as amazing to you as it did to me when I received the game, you should check out this review.  This game has potential, but is it good enough to be worth the download?  Read on to find out! -Greg Boe (admin)

It’s the year 2133, and all the big cities are infested with flesh-eating zombies–that’s a bad thing.  Diox (the x is silent) has to lure the bastards in with your epic guitar solos and then slash them with your samurai sword.  Your goal is to find a super guitar amp that can kill off thousands of hordes of the undead with a strum of a simple power chord.  Zombie Slayer Diox is an Action/Rhythm game that you play with the stylus and Circle Pad (or buttons for lefties).

There are three different difficulties to play through the levels with. In easy mode, you only have to worry about slashing with the stylus in the indicated direction over each zombie’s head, but in normal and hard mode you’ll do the same, but also while holding the indicated direction on the circle pad.  The difficulty curve is pretty steep, so I’d only recommend this game to hardcore gamers, which works out since younger players probably don’t want to see blood splattering on the screen in 3D.

Zombie Slayer Diox has a total of three zones, each with three stages and then a giant zombie boss at the end of each zone.  I would have asked for a few more stages since the game only has 12 songs to play.  I usually would be really pissed about the short length, but the levels are different with each difficulty, and hey it’s six dollars, that’s pretty good if you ask me!  Some of the songs sound pretty similar to others, but only slightly, so it really doesn’t matter to me since it still sounds good.

What would have made Zombie Slayer Diox a bit more bad-ass would be if the music genre was hardcore instead of rock, and if you actually got to play your guitar a bit instead of just carrying it with you during gameplay.  The story is really shallow and meaningless, but I’ve never come to expect an epic plot from a rhythm game, and Zombie Slayer Diox is no exception to my expectations.  For $5.99 anyone with a taste for music and a love of slashing bloody zombie bodies all over their screen will love Zombie Slayer DioxHave any questions about the game? Feel free to share in the comments!

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