Review: VVVVVV (eShop)

Don’t let gravity get you down! Let it hold you up! While this may just seem like silliness, it actually encompasses the basic idea of the awkwardness to pronounce VVVVVV.  To begin, it takes place in space. I mean, come on, space. It just doesn’t get better than that! Second off, you can walk on the ceiling with just the press of a button. This truly is a wondrous game that will encompass your time for many days on end! Keep reading to find out why! -Ryan Baxter

The storyline of this game is very sci-fi. You play as one Captain Viridian, cloaked in gray pixels and accompanied by his rainbow colored crew: Doctors Violet and Victoria, officer Vermilion and Professor Vitellary. You crash land in a strange dimension, and use a teleporter to attempt to escape. This proves to have dire consequences, as you simply cause your ship to collide with a rock in this strange world, and your crew has disappeared. You must then venture into the strange land and reclaim your comrades.

The feat before you seems impossible, but as you are in space, some tasks are done differently. Gravity, though it is still existent, behaves by a different set of rules than it would be expected to. You are still pulled down by the force of gravity, but you can cause your personal pull of gravity to be reversed by the pressing of any button or by the touching of special fields. This allows you to walk on the ceiling or any other structure that is above you.

This game is made of pixels, but this does not take away from the wonder that surrounds it. It is a puzzle game, and therefore it’s target audience is not the graphic obsessed young adult, but the mind emphasizing gamer of any given age. The puzzles included in this game are intuitive and really make you think. Though the game is a little short, there are extras in the game that you can enjoy, including music that you collect by finding “trinkets” which have special powers according to Doctor Victoria who analyzes them to find your special prizes!

All in all, it’s a wonderful game that you can become entrapped in for hours at a time. The bending of reality is a dream we all have, and as this game grants that power to us, we can all enjoy it. The primitive graphics and imaginative gameplay make the game feel very retro and exciting, a breath of fresh air, if you will. If you love puzzling puzzle games, then it’s hard to beat at this price of just $7.95. Also, this game is updated with new player made levels periodically, so  there’s no real end to the excitement. If you have any questions about this game, feel free to post them in the comments!

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