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Have you ever heard of Maximillian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds?  Neither have most gamers!  This game was developed by Renegade Kid, and was slated for a release on the Nintendo DS.  This project fell through and we thought all was lost from the game, but then there was word on a possibility the game was gonna go on DSiWare.  This would have been just fine, but gamers still weren’t that excited about the game, so the project was scrapped.  A bit later, Renegade Kid announced that they were currently developing Mutant Mudds for the Nintendo eShop on the 3DS.  The funny thing to me is that when the game was in development for the DS it was a 3D platformer, but when they put it on the 3DS, it was done retro style with pixel animations.  Although that may sound super strange, it works, and I’ll tell you why.  Continue reading to find out! -Greg Boe (admin)

The story in Mutant Mudds isn’t really explained anywhere so I’ll just say what happens.  Max is sitting in his house with his grandmother when a warning of a meteorite crash shows up on the TV set.  Max and his grannie don’t really notice the TV, but by the time they do the meteorite crashes, apparently unleashing the mutant mudds all over the land.  Yes, that’s really all the story.  Don’t worry though, because Mutant Mudds is all about gameplay.  There are three differant layers that Max jumps between in the game: the backgtround, foreground, and right in the front of the screen (or right in your face if you have 3D turned on).

The controls are perfect and the level design is simple at times, but is full of obstacles to watch out for.  This is probably the most difficult game on the Nintendo eShop to date as well.  While each level only takes no more than four minutes to complete, you’ll find yourself dying quite a lot (this is a trademark of all good platformers).  The reason for your constant deaths is usually because of the fact that you only have three hearts at your disposal, and after you get hit three times, you’ll have to restart.

Several times while playing through this game for my review, I had to take a break and play another game because I kept dying on a certain level.  Once I went back to Mutant Mudds, I would easily beat the level.  This might just be an indication of my rusty skills on classic platformers, but after a while, I was playing the game like the pro that I am (you know it!). The level design is very clever, so you can’t just go skipping through it like some games.  If you want to get through the level, you’ll have to keeps your wits about you and stay on your guard, because one wrong move and you might have to start the level over again.

The presentation in Mutant Mudds is quite amazing.  From it’s pixel perfect levels and characters to the catchy retro music, I felt like I took a time machine back to the days when I started gaming.  Along with the feeling of old, Renegade Kid has added some new twists to the gameplay, like the layered levels and amazing stereoscopic 3D visuals.  The game doesn’t waste precious time on an elaborate story or any dialogue, but Mutant Mudds really doesn’t need any of that to make it an amazing downloadable game on your 3DS.

Now one thing you readers want to know about now is, is this game worth $8.99?  I’d say yes!  Mutant Mudds is full of content and levels, and even after you beat all the levels, the replay value is very high.  Some casual gamers may not enjoy this game quite as much, but if you have respect for games of old, and an itch for some great platforming goodness, Mutant Mudds is definitely the game for you.  What are you waiting for?  Download Mutant Mudds on your Nintendo 3DS today!  Have any questions about the game? Feel free to share in the comments!

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