Review: Box Pusher (DSiWare)

Even though 3D games are now available on the Nintendo eShop, tons of developers are still releasing their DSiWare games on both the eShop and DSi Shop.  One of the latest DSiWare games available on these shops is Box Pusher.  The game plays precisely as it sounds; you push boxes.  Although this may not be the most revolutionary concept, the developers have done a pretty good job at adding tons of content and more to the game.  Is this game worth $4.99, or should you just pass on this title?  Read on to find out! -Greg Boe (admin)

When reviewing games, it can be really easy to be quick to judge a game and give it a poor review just because it didn’t start well.  This is especially easy to do with games from the DSiWare service.  When I started playing Box Pusher, I was very quick to say that I didn’t like it.  It wasn’t until I read an editorial about how much developers put into their games that I realized that I had to give a very honest review on this game.  So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

Once I downloaded Box Pusher, I went straight to the first puzzle.  In each puzzle, you control a pawn around a maze-like playing field to push (not pull) boxes onto the target points.  The level is won once all of the boxes have been placed on the target points.  Sounds simple enough.  The simplicity of the concept is one thing that hurts Box Pusher greatly.  I enjoyed the first 20 puzzles, but even though each one is set up differently, the gameplay grows stale pretty quick.  You have a lot of camera angles to choose from, but most of them just make it more difficult to control.

You’d think it would be easy to get all the boxes onto the targets, but after the first few puzzles, it’s really easy to get stuck during a level.  As all good puzzle games have, Box Pusher has a rewind feature, allowing you to reverse your progress in the level to the exact point you want to start from.  This is a nice feature, saving you time from restarting the whole puzzle.  Although the top screen has a more detailed display, you can solve all the puzzles just as easily while looking at the more simplified display on the touch screen.  I used the touch screen to solve the puzzles most of the time, mainly because the simpler display was easier to look at than the grainy textures and cheap animations the Nintendo DS was so famous for.

The Nintendo DS has been around for almost a decade now, and the graphics have really started to show age.  With that in mind, Box Pusher could have looked a little better, but not by much.  This wasn’t really that big of a deal until the Nintendo 3DS was released, which can handle graphics on par with the Playstation 2.  So Box Pusher only looks a bit old because of the rest of the downloadable games it’s currently competing with.  Because of this fact, I have chosen to review this game against other DSiWare games instead of downloadable portable games in general.

In conclusion, it wouldn’t be the worst decision to purchase Box Pusher for your 3DS/DSi.  If you end up getting this game, you’ll be happy to know that it has a multiplayer feature, and a level editor to take advantage of, even after completing all 250 puzzles.  Even with all this content, I can’t recommend Box Pusher to everyone, but any puzzle fan looking for some quick fun is sure to be able to squeeze some fun out of this game.  If this sounds like you, go download Box Pusher on your 3DS/DSi today!



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