Preview: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (DS)

Ever since the announcement of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2, I’ve been waiting for the day I can finally get my hands on the game and review it.  You don’t have much longer to wait, as the game will be released on February 28th in North America.  Until then, be sure to check out our preview after the break. Continue reading for the preview! - Greg Boe (admin)If you haven’t played the first Devil Survivor, you probably should at least be familiar with the story before picking up this game. The Devil Survivor games are strategy-RPGs that take place in a fictional world full of fantasy and dark monsters (A.K.A. Demons).  The crazy cast of high-school students will have to master the art of demon training in order to prevent the entire world from being obliterated.  This time around, you’ll be able to venture outside Tokyo to many major cities all around Japan.The game starts on a Sunday, when invaders called Septentriones start to attack the country of Japan.  To prevent certain death, thirteen heroes sign a pact with the devil (I know, right?) to save the world.  Each day, the mysterious invaders appear, and you only have seven days to get rid of them.  Prior to this, you (the unnamed protagonist) and your friends have just finished taking an exam for college, when you each receive E-mails showing video footage of all of you dying in a train collision.  Right afterwards, everything they saw in the video starts to come to play out in real life, but before the train can come crashing into the subway station, a demon pops up and stops the train.  Thus, the “Thirteen Devil Messengers” have to team up with the devil to save the human race.  Yes, we’re just as confused as you are…
If you are familiar with Devil Survivor, you’ll know just how difficult the game will become after the third day.  If you want to survive all seven days, you’ll have to choose the right demons to tame and battle with, and make the right decisions to get to the happiest ending possible.  Along the way, the hero will meet new allies and friends that will fight by his side.  From the lovable Daichi Shijima to the vividly-dressed dancer named Hinako Kujou, you’ll run into some really quirky characters throughout the course of the game.
For those who are intelligent enough to get to the last days of the game alive, you’ll be in for a surprise.   The choices you make near the end of the game will vary how it ends, so you’ll have to fight for what you think is right.  You’ll also have access to new features like the Enishi System, along with the demon auctions from the first game.  For you readers who haven’t yet played the original game should pick up a copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor (DS), or it’s new 3DS remake, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, which released in August last year.  Will you make the right choice?  What is the right choice?  You’ll soon find out when the game releases next month!  What are your thoughts on this ambitious new sequel?  Let us know in the comments!

Look forward to a review on this game from us next month!

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  • Mmichaels

    This is it!

    I’ll have to agree that the first Devil Survivor becomes hard after the third day. If memory serves me right, it was after we get to fight Beldr. I actually spent countless hours (days!) trying to defeat that demon to the moment I got depressed. I even told myself~ “What the hell is with this game? I thought video games are supposed to be enjoyable?” >.< But when you finished the game (I mean beat one story route in whatever route you take,) there's actually a HUGE sense of satisfaction (and bragging rights, only that I was the only one playing it in my location. lol)

    I don't know about you Sir Greg, or anyone else reading this but I'm not a veteran Shin Megami Tensei gamer (I played, well, some,) so I bet those who are familiar with the entire Shin Megami franchise know the demons immediately, or what the moves mean (because most are the same. DIA in Devil Survivor does same thing as DIA in Persona 3.)

    Devil Survivor 2 adds some twist but definitely is like the first game. That means we should again expect that the game is hard (except for the fans, the hardcore, the enthusiasts, and those who are really really good. I really have respect for those people) but hey, there is a rewarding experience after finishing even just one story route. Multiple story routes means a lot of replayability – which also translates to worth all the money you will use to purchase it. Should ever Pokemon X Nobunaga's Ambition never gets released outside Japan, Devil Survivor 2 will be a fitting swan song for the Nintendo DS.

    • Greg Boe

      Thanks for sharing your opinion! I personally have spent a lot of time with the Shin Megami series, and agree that they can really drive you crazy if and when you get stuck. The satisfaction of beating the games is really why they’re made so difficult, but they really aren’t for newcomers to RPGs. Nonetheless, if your looking for a real challenge, Devil Survivor 2 should satisfy your turn-based needs.

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