MGS:Snake Eater 3D – Accesories Revealed


For extreme fans of Solid Snake, the thoughts “Why aren’t I carrying things in a MGS bag?” and ” Why isn’t my 3DS camouflaged with pictures of MGS characters on it?” are common ones. Soon, these wants can become reality. Konami and Hori are joining forces to create tons of fun 3DS accessories, including covers, stickers, styluses, and pouches! With these, anyone will be able to tell your a Metal Gear Solid fan from miles away, and you just might see a couple of exclamation marks appear above other fans heads, as now they know that you share a common interest! This accessory kit, which will be released on the Japan release date of March 8th, is sure to begin many new friendships! - Ryan Baxter

Source: Siliconera

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