Retro Review: The Legend of Zelda (NES)

Ever since videogames have been around, people have been intrigued with the ones that are centered around exploration.  When Shigeru Miyamoto was creating The Legend of Zelda, he was really interested in making it a game that players would be thinking about even when they weren’t playing it.  Regardless of its 8-bit graphics, the first entry in the series did just that, and this game is the reason that we still have Zelda games today.  Continue reading for the review! - Dallas B.


The game plays fairly well; all the controls work like they’re supposed to: the D-pad moves Link, the A button slashes his sword, and the B button is the interchangeable item button.  You start out with three hearts, and you’ll eventually get heart containers to further expand your heart gauge, and when your health is full, your sword even shoots laser beams.  How cool is that?!  Throughout the game, you’ll acquire items like bombs, the bow, and the boomerang.  All have different uses, and it’s amazing that even the first Zelda game works this well.  Like all old games, The Legend of Zelda is extremely difficult, but once you get the hang it, the game is actually very addictive.


The storyline is simple: The Dark Lord Gannon has kidnapped the beautiful princess Zelda, and taken her Triforce, and it’s up to Link to rescue the princess and save all of Hyrule.  Throughout the game there is very little dialogue, but the characters that do talk went on to have their sayings printed on the T-shirts of Zelda fans everywhere.  The most famous saying of all though, is from the very beginning of the game.  After link enters a cave in the middle of the forest, he is greeted by an old man who hands him a sword and advises Link ” It’s dangerous to go alone… take this!”  This game did all it could to excite gamers of the 1980′s, and it still holds a special place in all of our hearts today.


Overall, this game is really fun, but after the first few dungeons, you’ll probably want to through your controller at the screen from the difficulty level, but anyone who pushes past the frustration and makes it to the end knows what a great feeling you get from beating this game.  If you still haven’t played it yet, what’s wrong with you?!  You can pick it up on the Wii Shop Channel for just $5.



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