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Guess what, Nintendo Charged readers?  Nintendo has released some more footage on their upcoming game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Wii console, and even given a little bit of input on said footage.  What have we learned?  Continue reading to find out!  - Dallas B.

Lake Floria and the Parella Tribe

Further into the game, Link arrives at Lake Floria.  The lake is home to the “squid-like” tribe of Parella.  Nintendo’s press site commented on the footage that, “Even when revisiting past areas like FaronWoods, players will make new discoveries and, occasionally, find drastic changes to the environment that require them to explore these areas in entirely different ways”.  This is obviously a hint that the  lake is one of the areas in which you can change the water level to solve puzzles.  During said water puzzles, Link’s swimming ability is controlled by tilting the Wii remote plus controller as he swims across, or under the water.

Insects and Potions

While traveling throughout Skyloft and the world below,  players are given the option of collecting bugs, much like in Twilight Princess.  Unlike in that game however, Link now possess a bug net, making this whole ordeal substantially easier.  Instead of trading bugs for rupees and small item upgrades, Link now combines the bugs’ entrails to create new potions, which he can then buy in Skyloft’sbazaar.  The potions can be mixed to meet the player’s specific needs.

Fun Fun Island

Fun Fun Island is one of the islands floating near Skyloft, and it apparently has loads of carnival style games for Link to spend his hard-earned Rupees on.  Link can’t enjoy all of the games however, until he meets the request of this island’s single inhabitant.


The whip works identically to the whip in Spirit Tracks, or the Grappling hook in Wind Waker  it can be used to snag slightly far away items, stun baddies, and latch onto (and swing off of) beams which stick out of the wall.  As with all of Link’s items, the whip can be selected in real-time, giving the game an even more realistic feel.


One of the videos mentioned above showed one of the beginning cut-scenes in Skyward Sword, and gives us a significant amount of input on the back story of this game.  The cut-scene depicts a story told by Fi, (the spirit within Link’s Sword).  Fi begins,  “This is a tale that you humans have passed down through countless generations…”, and in line with that opening, the rest of her story is told and shown in a way that closely resembles the opening tapestry story at the beginning of Wind Waker.  The story tells of a war that broke out when a huge crack opened up in the earth.  Out of the crack spewed millions of blood thirsty monsters, who brutally murdered everyone in sight.  They did this in attempt “to take the ultimate power, protected by Her Grace, the goddess”, which had no equal.  This power had the ability to give its holder whatever he or she desired (which is the very definition of the Triforce).

Apparently, the goddess was put in-charge of guarding this power by “the old ones”.  The goddess gathered the surviving humans, on a certain patch of land, and then sent that land into the air, past the clouds.  Once that was done the goddess joined forces with the survivors (most likely all races except for the humans), and sealed away the evil forces, restoring peace to the surface.  After telling Link all of this,  Fi informs him that there’s still more to this story, yet to be revealed.   She also tells Link that he is about to write a new chapter to this story.  One thing to note, is that there are six “old ones” shown in the painting, and one goddess.  If you put them together, they very much resemble the seven sages.  Since the goddess is said to have forged the Goddess Sword, which becomes the Master Sword, it could be speculated that these are the seven sages who eventually forge the Master Sword.

Bonus Material

As you might already know, Each initial copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword comes packed with a limited edition CD featuring music from The legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert,  and a limited edition bundle will come packed with a gold Wii Remote Plus Controller.  As if this game wasn’t filled with content already!

So what excites you most about this long-awaited title?  Let is know your thoughts in the comments!

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