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Though we’ve already gotten a substantial amount of info on the upcoming Wii title, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Nintendo Power and Game informer are almost continuously pouring with info on only the first 6 hours or so of gameplay.  Since this game runs approximately 50 hours long,  this is actually pretty astounding.  Clearly the people on the Zelda team have put their all into this game.  So what have we learned about this game as of late?  Keep reading for more Zelda goodness! - Dallas B.

What We Know About Skyloft

We first heard about Skyloft back at E3 2010.  The next year at E3 it was revealed just what this city in the sky actually looked like.  Now, we have a little more to go on than just a small amount of gameplay footage of said island.  Not only does Skyloft have a large number of people living on it, it also includes the Knight’s Academy (where Link is trained), and, get this, there’s even a bathroom!  Plumbing excitements aside, there are also many smaller floating islands surrounding Skyloft.  Throughout the game, you’ll have to fly long distances atop your bird to arrive at many other floating destinations which range from Mario Galaxy-esque spheres, to giant, spinning, rainbow-colored wheels.  Don’t worry though; unlike with The Wind Waker’s sailboat-based travel, your bird flies at a much faster speed than did a certain talking sailboat of the same color scheme!

There are also way more tasks to perform whilst flying.  Think Spirit Track’s locomotive based travel system.  You’ll also come across portals to the surface world (as indicated by giant, colored beams which shoot up through the clouds), which Link).  One other thing to note is that while traversing through the vast areal world of Skyloft, you’ll occasionally find silver treasure chests  that you can’t open.  However, directly below that chest, on the surface world, you’ll find what’s called a Goddess Cube.  You have to hit the cube with a Skyward strike from your sword,  launching into the sky.  The next time you arrive at the treasure chest in the sky, you’ll be able to open it.

The World Below

What’s interesting about the overworld in Skyward Sword is that there is  another world over it!  because of this, types of gameplay even will be much more split up, making every style of gameplay feel a little less repetitive.  This is also probably  how Nintendo managed to create a 50 hour Zelda without going insane.  as for the surface world, it’s filled with smaller puzzles before you even reach the dungeons.  The puzzles probably won’t be as difficult as the ones in dungeons however.  It’s quite clear that you’ll always have something interesting and radically different to do when you’re playing Skyward Sword.


Believe it or not, Skyward Sword not only features  a slew of new characters, but you might also see few familiar faces as well!

In this game Zelda’srole in this game is a lot more playful than in any other Zelda game to date.  Not only is she Link’s love interest, she’s also his childhood friend.  It’s clear that the developers wanted to give Zelda a different personality for Skyward Sword.  She’s smart, cute, silly,  and–oh yeah, she isn’t a princess!

Many people who saw the E3 trailers, had this crazy hunch that one of Skyloft’s elders resembled to Kaepora Gaebora, the owl from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Turns out, that hunch wasn’t so crazy after all because this elder has the same name.

Groose is one of Link’s classmates at the Knight Academy who seems to treat Link the same way Flash Thompson treats Peter Parker in Spider-Man.  He’s an all around big talking jerk, and he’s also got  groupies (Crawlin and Stritch) who seem to be okay with making Link’s life miserable just because he told them too.  Groose also has a big time crush on Zelda, which automatically makes him Links rival.  He may talk big, but none of the elders seem to like him very much.

Many Zelda fans remember the first time they entered Beetle’s shop ship in The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker to hear Beetle’s infamous “OOOHHH!”.  It turns out, Beetle is making his first appearance on a home counsel Zelda game in 8 years.  Wow, beetle has a lot of ancestors with the exact same name!

Lord Girahim shows up after stalking Link for the first part of the game.  This demon lord is  the ruler of the world below, he has one long ear, and one short one,  he’s got a snake-tongue, and according to Eiji Aonuma, he doesn’t officially have a gender.  This  guy is gross on so many levels!

Ever since the first artwork was shown of the game at E3 2009, people were wondering just why it showed Link, with no sword, and a girl in front of him that looked like the Master Sword.  it has recently been revealed that her name is Fi, and she’s the spirit which dwells in the Goddess Sword (which eventually becomes the Master Sword).  fi was created by the goddess that the statue in the center of Skyloft was made for.  it’s important to note that both Fi and Zelda ware a blue diamond, positioned on the exact same spot on both of their attires.  Girahim has a red one on his belt also.  See a trend here?

Some of the Baddies

Moblins have been around since the first Zelda game, and the just seem to return in the majority of the titles afterward.  These sumo sized monsters are actually s much larger version of the Bokoblins, which are also in Skyward Sword.  Bokoblins In this game are much different in appearance from their bluer, more pig like counterparts from the likes of Windwaker, and Twilight Princess.  They are beat red, and seem reminiscent of savages from the films.  Bokoblins also come in a few other types, one of which is zombie-like, and green.  in previous titles, Bokoblins were basically thought of as the “Goombas”, or the easy monsters in the game.  Ties Bokoblins however, are much smarter than they ever were.  One example, is that when you’re hanging of the side of a cliff or ledge, and one happens to pass by, he’ll more often than not try to stomp on your fingers to knock you off.  Gells were also in the first Zelda game,  and are often replaced by Chus, or Chu Chus, but they are making n appearance in this game.  When hit enough times, the are unable to hold themselves together, and explode, getting goo all over everything.  Keese appear in every Zelda game.  This more monstrous species of bat might not be the strongest of foes, buy they’re no doubt the most annoying, not to mention the most fun to shoot with an arrow.

Upgrade System

If you’ve ever played a single role-playing game, the item upgrade system in Skyward sword will feel very familiar to you.  throughout the course of the game, you’ll gain random artifacts by cutting grass, breaking pots, opening treasure chests, and defeating bad guys.  You can use these artifacts to upgrade your items.  There’s a certain shop in the market where you can trade in the items you’ve picked up (along with some rupees)  to upgrade your main items, for instance, one trailer shows Link getting his Wooden Shield upgraded to the much durable Banded Shield with some of  the artifacts the player had collected.  The fat that you can upgrade items, means that even the first items you acquired will remain useful all the way to the end of the game.

More to Come…

Well, we’ve already learned so much about the game from only the first several hours of gameplay!  As always, check in regularly for more info on the game up to its launch.  Until next time make sure to take deep breaths in between sentences when describing this to your friends!

What are you most looking forward to in this game? Make sure to let your voice be heard in the comment section below!

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