Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii)

After the success in the sales of Wii Play for the Wii, released in 2007 (4 years ago) in North America, Nintendo decided to make the newly released party game, Wii Play: Motion, which really shows how responsive the Wii MotionPlus accessory is.  A bonus with this game is the new black Wii Remote Plus, which is a Wii Remote with MotionPlus built right in.  That’s reason enough for most of you gamers to purchase this game, but what about the 12 unique minigames?  Dallas and I will talk about each one in-depth in this mega-sized review!  Continue reading for the review! - Greg Boe (admin)

Cone Zone

Cone Zone is a basically a wacked out balance game.  You play as your Mii character holding a giant Ice cream cone.  The goal is to keep yourself balanced as giant ice cream scoops are constantly adding to your stack and you try to beat the high score.  When you eventually loose your balance, your Mii falls on his butt and gets splattered with ice cream.  Brrr!  There is also a mode where you twirl your cone as soft serve ice cream drops from the sky.  The goal is to see how tall you can swirl your ice cream without breaking the strand.  Cone Zone is fun once you get the hang of it, but it will most likely only hold your attention for a few minuets at a time.  - Dallas B.

Rating: 7.5

Veggie Gaurdin’

Veggie Gaurdin’  is whack-a-mole for Wii Motion plus.  As you may have guessed, the goal is to repeatedly smash moles before they disappear, only in this version, you’re guarding your fruits and vegetables from them.  If they manage to grab all of your food before the time is up, you lose.  There is also a four player multiplayer mode.  And a memorization mode where you whack the moles in a certain order from memory.  Veggie Gaurdin’ is surprisingly very fun, and it is also a great example of the capability of the Wii MotionPlus.  - Dallas B.

Rating: 8.0

Skip Skimmer

This game is basically the sport of skipping rocks in videogame-form.  Now you’re probably wondering what makes this game unique.  Nintendo found a wonderful way to turn rock-skipping into a competitive sport.  There are two different modes to choose from: Skip mode and Score mode.  In Skip mode, you try to see how far you can skip your rocks across the lake, and in Score mode you skip your rocks through several types of obstacles in order to earn points to top your high score.  This game is very relaxing, and will keep you satisfied for quite a while.  - Greg Boe (admin)

Rating: 9.0

Pose Mii Plus

Pose Mii Plus is a really fun minigame where you control your Mii character by rotating him with your Wii remote.  You travel down a large tube as your Mii assumes different poses.  your goal is to rotate your Mii so that his body will fit into the shape in an upcoming wall.  If you fail to do so before you reach the wall, your Mii will crash  through it, loosing a life.  If you loose all three lives, it’s game over.  Pose Mii Plus is extremely entertaining, and also one of the most fun and intuitive minigames that Wii Play: Motion has to offer.  - Dallas B.

Rating: 8.5

Trigger Twist

Trigger Twist reminds me a lot of Shooting Range from the original Wii Play, and plays about the same, except instead of pointing your remote at the sensor bar, you move it in free space around you to shoot targets, aliens, ninjas, and even dinosaurs.  You’ll find it a little difficult to learn these unique controls, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you prefer it.  This game is very fun to play with friends, but the one thing it really lacks is some music.  Without music, you may find yourself switching to another game faster than you usually would with the others.  - Greg Boe (admin)

Rating: 7.5

Jump Park

Jump Park is a simple, but excitingly fun game, with several levels to keep you satisfied.  You control your Mii character by holding your remote in an upright fashion, and tilting it to choose the direction of your next jump.  Your goal is to collect enough jewels to get to build a pathway to the goal in the lowest amount of time possible.  With cool power-ups like a jewel-attracting magnet to a power-up that summons a bunch a Mii Characters to collect the jewels with you.  This game is very intriguing, and will keep you satisfied for a reasonable amount of time.  - Greg Boe (admin)

Rating: 8.5

Teeter Targets

Now this game, is the kind that really bothers me, but at the same time kept me playing non-stop until I had beaten all 30 levels.  Teeter Targets is a game in which you hold your Wii Remote sideways and tilt it side-to-side to balance and manipulate a ball to hit all the targets present n your screen.  The annoying part is, that you’ll find yourself losing over and over again in order to do so.  There are 30 levels in all, and even if you don’t enjoy this game as much as the others, you’ll be satisfied once you complete each level.  If you like a good balance game, I assure that you’ll thoroughly enjoy Teeter Targets.  - Greg Boe (admin)

Rating: 8.5

Spooky Search

Spooky search reminds me of what Luigi’s Mansion (GCN) would probably feel like on the Wii.  The entire game basically revolves around you moving your remote around your head while listening to a sort of ghost-detector-like beeping sound that emits from the remote.  When the detector starts beeping like crazy, you snag the ghost it with the B button, and drag its wailing body into the ghost catching machine.  The Miis will occasionally point you in the direction of the ghost in case you can’t find it, which makes it a little easier.  Spooky Search is quite fun for a few minutes, but considering that the only thing you really do is flail your arm about, it gets old pretty fast if you don’t enjoy this type of thing. - Dallas B. 

Rating: 7.5

Wind Runner

Wind Runner is by far, my favorite game in Wii Play: Motion.  You play as your Mii, equipped with an umbrella and roller skates and being blown by ginormous wind-turbines, you take on different courses trying to beat your high score.  You can even race against a friend in the two-player mode to see who can reach the goal the fastest.  This game may only have a few courses, but they are well made, and even more fun.  If you enjoy fast-paced party games, there’s no doubt that you’ll love Wind Runner.  – Greg Boe (admin)

Rating: 9.0

Treasure Twirl

Treasure Twirl is the only game in the collection that requires that you take off your wrist strap to play, and has the most different play-style I’ve seen in a while on the Wii.  You control your Mii character underwater by twirling the remote back and forth and tilt sideways, to maneuver through creature-infested waters in order to obtain treasure.  In single player, you move your character through the depths of the sea, to obtain treasure by hand, but in the two player, you both have to balance your basket of treasure of at the same pace in order to avoid dropping your valuables.  Treasure Twirl is fun, but needs some more levels, and a little more challenge.   – Greg Boe (admin)

Rating: 8.0

Flutter Fly

Flutter Fly is one of those games that you play a lot, but your arm gets so sore afterwards you vow to never play it again.  Then, 30 minutes later, you’ll find yourself playing it once again.  You hold your remote as if you are holding a fan, and fan your balloons to your goal.  The catch is, that you have to protect your balloons from spikes, birds, and more to prevent from having to restart the level.  Although this may seem fun, you’ll be looking forward more to the end of the level, than actually playing the game more often.  - Greg Boe (admin)

Rating: 7.0

Star Shuttle

Did you ever play one of those games online where you controlled a space ship,  and instead of there being one button for gas, there were four?  Then you’ve got a pretty good idea of the control scheme of Star Shuttle.  In this game you play as an astronaut who is attempting to assemble various space stations.  I’d say the controls are simple, but well… they’re not.  For starters, you tilt your Wii remote in any direction to steer your mini ship.  To go forward, press down on the D-pad, to go backwards, press forwards, left to go right, and right to go left.  You can also go up by pressing B, and down by pressing A.  Your goal is to keep the red sphere on the end of your space ship lined up with the red sphere-shaped target on some part of the space station, as you accelerate into it.  If you succeed, you’ve beat the level.  However as the levels progress however, the red sphere might be positioned on some other part of your spaceship.  Other color spheres will eventually be added also, forcing you to twist and turn your ship so that you can stick all of the targets at the same time.  WARNING!  This game will suck you in! - Dallas B.

Rating: 7.0


Wii Play: Motion is a splendid game, and if you want an example of what the Wii RemotePlus is capable of, and it does a great job at it too!  The original Wii Play sold very well, and I hope the same goes for this game.  The reason for my rating is because everyone looks at Wii Play: Motion as a full game, but it’s really more of a minigame collection that you’ll find much more enjoyment whilst playing with your friends.  If you plan on buying this game, pick up at least one other Wii RemotePlus along with it, because this game has much more quality to it’s name while playing multiplayer.  If you own a Wii and love a great multiplayer, I recommend Wii Play: Motion.



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