Review: Ivy the Kiwi? Mini (DSiWare)

A heartfelt story of a baby bird searching for her mother, Ivy the Kiwi? Mini for DSiWare is as cute as can be.  This game is actually just a mini version of Ivy the Kiwi? for the Wii & DS, and all this version doesn’t have is the multiplayer and the extra remixed levels.  Is this a solid game, or will it just piss you off in the end?  The only way to know is to read the whole review!  Continue reading for the review! - Greg Boe (admin)


The story in Ivy the Kiwi? Mini is very short and simple, but pretty dang cute.  The story starts with little Ivy the baby Kiwi hatching from her egg, but her mother is nowhere to be seen.  Ivy must find her mother, and it’s up to you (yeah you!) to guide little Ivy to find her mother.


The gameplay in Ivy the Kiwi? Miniis exactly the same as in the DS version of the game, which is a very good thing.  You don’t directly control Ivy, but instead, you create vines by dragging your stylus across the touch screen to protect Ivy from spikes, enemies, and water droplets.  The one thing that will constantly piss you off is the fact that Ivy will just mindlessly prance right into a pit of spikes, so you have to be on your guard the whole time.  That’s a good thing though, because once you get down the controls, you’ll be playing like a pro.


Ivy the Kiwi? Mini for DSiWare is a great game, and the best platform to get it on, and for $4.99, you can’t complain at all, even without multiplayer or the remixed levels.  This game also encourages you to lose a little as possible, because you’ll feel quite heartless watching a baby bird  get launched into a pit of spikes.  Overall, if you have either a 3DS or a DSi, you’ll quite enjoy Ivy the Kiwi? Mini for the DSiWare service.



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