Review: Donkey Kong (3DS VC)

Although the Donkey Kong game that people remember most is the original for the NES, My personal favorite is Donkey Kong for the original Gameboy (also known as Donkey Kong ’94), because of its difficulty, and the fact that it had 97 more levels than the original game.  The game is now available under Virtual Console on the Nintendo eShop for the 3DS, but is it worth the cash?  Continue reading for the whole review!      Greg Boe (admin)


The gameplay is exactly the same as in the original Donkey Kong for the NES.  All you have to do is control Mario through the obstacle-filled rooms to the top without getting touched by hazardous objects.  At the end of each level (they are relatively short one you get the hang of them), you’ll meet up with your girlfriend, Pauline, who is taken away from you by Donkey Kong, the antagonist, and carried to the next level, in which you do the same thing.  Again.  This would be a bad thing if the levels weren’t so unique, challenging, and fun.


Overall, Donkey Kong is a very enjoyable game, and it especially will please longtime gamers who were alive during the Gameboy’s lifetime.  Don’t let its grayscale presentation fool you, the graphics in this game aren’t half bad considering other Gameboy titles.  Although this game is often overlooked by gamers, you’d be doing yourself a favor by purchasing Donkey Kong, trust me.  You can purchase Donkey Kong on the 3DS eShop right now for $3.99.



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