Review: Sonic Rush (DS)

Sonic recently celebrated his 20th Birthday, with his first release dating back to 1991, on the Sega Genesis. Since then, sonic games seem to be becoming less popular over the years.  Sonic might be able to reclaim himself with the upcoming release of Sonic Generations, but what about the first sonic game to grace the Nintendo DS. At the time sonic fans were amazed at what the DS was capable of, since the title was released back in 2006, but is it still worth playing now? - Wayne


Sonic rush tells the story of a new character, named Blaze, who is apparently from an alternate dimension, where her arch-enemy has stolen 7 chaos emeralds that can grant the holder ultimate power, when possessed. Blaze is tasked to go and reclaim these emeralds, and along the way Blaze meets Sonic who offers to help her reclaim her emeralds. This basic story allows the two characters to interact, and co-exist in the same universe, which is a great way to set up the story. Although the story works, at some points it can feel a bit far-fetched for a sonic game, and also could lose some gamers interest.


Sonic Rush is a Basic, fast paced, 2-D side-scroller, with fascinating, dazzling graphics for a Nintendo handheld.  The game presents the player with two characters to play with, (Sonic and Blaze) and consists of the characters go through about 7 Levels, with 2 separate stages and a boss inside 1 stage.  These Levels are filled with various Egg-bots and different enemies, along with awesome, Creative bosses at the end of both stages. Although the bosses look different, you end up defeating them, all in the same way. Jumping on their weak spot (whether it’s on their head or back), until they give in. Considering that this is a handheld game, the level of detail in these stages are quite impressive, proving that a Nintendo DS is capable of having good graphics that don’t sacrifice the gameplay for it. Sonic and Blazes characters aren’t really that much different  when it comes down to playing with them in different stages, even though they attack differently (Sonic attacks by turning into his regular blue ball mode, and Blaze turns into a pink, fiery tornado) and move a bit differently.

The 7 different stages are spread across various locations, from a blue luscious jungle with bug-like enemies, to a bright, flashing Vegas looking environment. Even with some dazzling level, Sonic Rush’s environments are quite linear, it simply comes down to getting from A-B, along with collecting various power-ups and entering some secret stages. Some of these stages will make you want to go back and experience them again, while a couple of stages will make you want to rush through them as quickly as possible, whether it’s due to them being seriously frustrating or just difficult to play through. At some points in the game, the player might lose the feeling of actually playing the game, making it feel like a roller coaster ride. Sonic Rush exceeds in gameplay, even with its slight problems (repetitive bosses and linear levels), It’s still a very enjoyable game with a good amount of replay value.


Sonic Rush offers a lot to do after you’ve beaten the game.  The player has the choice to either go back to each level with both characters trying get the perfect A grade on the level (the player is timed through-out the level) or the player can choose to play as Sonic and go to different stages in the levels, and within the levels there are these secret stages.  These stages are presented in a third person mode, making the character collect enough rings (100 or 200 rings) in order to get a chaos emerald at the end of the stage.  The player controls Sonic with the touch screen and stylus, making this mode extremely fun to play, and fluid to control.


Sonic Rush comes off as a fun, quick, face paced game, with cool new characters, that sonic fans will appreciate.  Although it’s not perfect, it really delivers with its up-beat soundtrack and dazzling graphics.  This is definitely a must buy for all Sonic fans.  Any Sonic fan with a Nintendo DS/3DS would enjoy Sonic Rush as an addition to their Sonic collection.



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