Review: Super Scribblenauts (DS)

Hello Nintendo lovers!  I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite games, Super Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS. This game is the true definition to the saying “think outside of the box”.  Not only is it addicting and fun, but it also pulls you into the game with a single touch of the stylus!  Continue reading for the review! - Amanda


In this game you play as Maxwell, and you go through a series of puzzles to complete constellations in the sky!  The puzzles have all types of difficulties ranging from elementary to so hard you want to poke your eye balls out with a fork from staring at the screen so much.  Throughout Story Mode you can earn Ollars and Merits.  Ollars are used to buy new avatars to play with in Story Mode, and the Merits are just like trophies or a gold medal! A huge improvement from the 1st game would be how Maxwell is controlled with the D pad now. This gives gamers room to play with out frustration!

The game also features a playground mode where you can just kick it and whip up some really cool objects with funky adjectives. Playground mode has a lot of fun ingredients, like 9 different playground backgrounds to fly, skip, and jump in. There is also an Arcade game which is epic! I love the whole adjective concept, and it really gives Super Scribblenauts an edge!


The art style for this game was one of the main components that drew me in.  I was already a fan of the game since I absolutely loved the first Super Scribblenauts, and the art style is just too cute!  The developers 5th Cell did a great job making everything work so well.  The art style they chose works so well because 5th cell had to draw every single object in the game.  If their goal was to make everything in the game appear realistic then it could have taken them years to pull that off!


This game will make you laugh untill you have wet yourself!  Seriously though, it will leave a huge smile on your face.  It’s a great way to escape the real world and create your own. The developers left no room for disappointment, this is an outstanding game for all ages.  If you own a Nintendo DS and enjoy puzzle games, I recommend Super Scribblenauts!



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  • cindy

    I HAVE THIS GAME such a great game! :]

  • Mark

    I came. I read. I enjoyed.

  • Drew

    Super Scribblenauts is all the first game wanted to be and more. Best 3rd party DS title ever.

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