Review: Pikmin (GCN)

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be an outsider on planet Earth? This is the basic idea of PikminPikmin is a strategy/action game in which you’ve crash-landed your spaceship on an alien planet, with no hope of escape, as your spaceship has lost all of its parts.  Also, the Oxygen in the atmosphere is poisonous to you, and you can only survive on the surface for 30 days. If you do not collect all of the necessary spaceship parts, the results could be disastrous!  OH NO! Continue reading for the review! - Ryan Baxter


The idea in Pikmin is the control of large groups.  You control a single Pikmin to begin with, and you collect items, like flowers and enemy corpses, to obtain more Pikmin. These items include flowers and enemies, which, if you’re not careful, can actually kill some of your Pikmin (That’s a bad thing).  You use these Pikmin that you’ve grown to clear areas of enemies and collect spaceship parts, as they are too heavy for you to carry. You also must beware of elemental hazards, like fire and water.  The game also includes three possible endings, depending on how many, and which, parts of the spaceship you collect.  The endings are:

  1. Death. That’s not good at all is it?
  2. Good ending. Meh. You call that living?
  3. Great ending. Travelin’ in style.


The main character in Pikmin is Captain Olimar, from the planet Hocotate, employed as a delivery man at Hocotate Freight. You seek to return to your home planet, and your family.

Aiding Olimar in his quest are, who else but, the Pikmin. Pikmin are tiny little creatures that are incredibly strong, seeming to lift 10 times their own weight. They come in three different colors in this game:

  • Red, with resistance to fire and increased combat abilities.
  • Yellow, with an ability to be thrown higher and knowledge of the use of “Bomb Rocks”.
  • Blue, with the ability to breathe underwater.


This is an amazing timed adventure in which you must plan ahead the collection of items and growing of underlings. However, action is almost always involved, and skill is required in almost every section of every map you enter in the Pikmin world. If you have a Gamecube, I would definitely suggest Pikmin to you.



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